USDCHF 2nd August 2021

USDCHF 2nd August 2021

Hi friends, apart from the open trades which will be monitored closely, I have USDCHF trading setup for this week.

The hidden divergence is already asking for a correction. A missed monthly below and above price mark nice areas of reaction.

This could be a posibility to get to the zone, Those are my levels to enter and max Stoploss

That is what I want to see in the Stochastics, build divergence once the fast Stochastic goes to oversold one last time from around the 50% level zone.

In 1h Chart I want to try the sell. See how there is debt to pay from impulsive wave that generated this micro fractal.

Sell trade RRR is 3:1 and buy later is 6:1… Depends on your strategy and trade management you could double at the bottom and try to catch those 310 pips.

Follow this and many more opportunities in our PFXC trading channel .

Have a great week ahead, and remember that you can find more information about the course here. Next edition will be in January 2022.

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