EURGBP June 21st 2021

EURGBP June 21st 2021

Hello friends. I want to share today my plan for EURGBP. Can be traded upwards, but personally I’m only interested on short positions.

Weekly timeframe:
Possible in wave 4 or A. Some interesting levels, above price, missed monthly pivot and hit2021 yearly pivots. Below, the liquidity under equal lows, a GAP and 50fe of mother wave. Far away we have the missed yearly of 2016, when Brexit drama began….

Daily timeframe: development of wave 4 in an ABC with possible arrival to 127-161fe neutralizing the liquidity.

Let’s check how subwave C is behaving. We may need a correction to 0.8775-0.8918 sell area… makes sense.

How could we get there? We are having a complex correction, I didnt labelled the waves but I think you can easily count how price is flowing down in 5 abcs.

Check the liquidity above and below to predict next move… the $$$$ below was neutralized by a break of trendline in a Liquidity Run. They have the money, they can make the move when the feel like.
I will start selling when divergence is present inside the brown box with around 100 pips stop. Will share exact levels when we are there. ??

Always feel free to comment any doubt and I will try to answer. Learn to trade with us. You are still on time to join our next ATA course which starts on July 1st. Learn more about the course here.

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