AUDCHF 25th July 2021

AUDCHF 25th July 2021

Hello friends, after trading and sharing EURNZD and EURAUD setups in our Telegram channel, we are now seeing possibilities for AUDCHF to initiate a reversal in a very specific zone. This is the Daily Perspective.

As always, a good ratio of 11,3:1 . From there, we are expecting a strong reversal for continuation with wave 5. Since wave2 was fast, simple and shallow, we expected deep slow complex correction for wave 4. This is the way we trade corrective patterns?, at extremes.

With the condition of not touching 0.69, we are expecting we will enter the market at 0.6820. The debt pivot is a must, so it will be perfect to take partials, just in case.

For those looking for sells in smaller timeframe these are my levels, careful if we break… if so we may head like a rocket to 0.69.

Follow this and many more opportunities in our PFXC trading channel .

Have a great week ahead, and remember that you can find more information about the course here.

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