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Are you new in Forex Trading? Have you heard that trading can make you rich? Have you seen those traders in IG driving expensive cars, travelling all over the world, enjoying a dreamt life? Have you seen posts, screenshots or videos of traders making thousands dollars every single day?

Well, if that’s your case, sorry to wake you up. Trading Forex is hard, very hard. It’s not your fault. Big players, institutional traders, brokers, etc… profit unbelievable amounts of money everyday from traders like you and me. And they would do whatever it takes to continue doing so, because that is their business. In case you already experienced it, I guess that you are here, looking for a system to beat the market. This course will deffinitively help you in that, because fortunately, not everything is lost. You can beat the market.

After studying the markets for the last 6 years, I realized that currency pairs behave in a predictable way most of the time.

As a Technical Analyst, without taking the importance of the Fundamental Analysis, I strongly believe that economical data, news, events, and almost everything in our Economic Calendars are just an excuse to take price where it should go. In this course, you will deffinitively realize of this truth.

There is no shortcut in Forex. Forget about signals, robots, gurus,… None of them will make you profitable in the Forex Markets. Considering that Forex Trading is a job that allows you to earn money from your home, in you pijamas, anytime 24/5, and you will not have a boss, a schedule and not even a job interview… who could think it would be easy?

Ok, so let´s try to study. What’s next? Reading books? Watching videos? That’s the free plan, and you will still need to prove and backtest in Demo accounts that what you read is true, and then build your system.

Do you prefer to invest in education before investing in the markets? That sounds great. In fact, I consider my initial investment in Forex as a tuition fee (paid to the broker) with me being the teacher and the student at the same time. Sounds like being scammed. After that, I decided to look for guidance and joined paid courses, lifetime memberships, robot development groups with some of the most well-known traders… Really expensive tution fee again. This time, at least I felt like I had a teacher. I learned a lot from them, but at the end of the day I always felt that I was left behind with a lot of doubts, with a system that didn’t fit for my trading personality.

So I decided to study the charts and build my own system. And magic happened. I started to understand how market moves, therefore, as a natural consequence, I started being profitable.

I am Jesús Asenjo, and I can guide you through your trading path. I have been teaching for the last 15 years and what I apply in my class to achieve significant learning is what pedagogists call “cooperative learning”. It states that students learn better from both the teacher or the rest of the students. I can save you a lot of time and money. I can teach you how to analyze and read the markets and help you trade the markets with a system that works from you. And the rest of the students can help you as well, providing you with a lot more experience with their exercises. It will take us 6 months if you take it seriously. Others spend many years to get what you will achieve. Let me introduce myself and the ATA Course with this video.

That is what I can offer you. From your side, what can you offer me in exchange?

Obviously, I have spent around one year building this course, so getting paid for it is, by all means, fair. But I also expect from you hardwork, commitment, and respect to the rest of the students, and what is more important, respect for your money, spent in the course and in your broker.

Please, if you are interested, the course starts on Jan1st and July1st every year. Book your seat, and don’t let this opportunity pass. We will still accept students during the first weeks of the course, before contents and exercises get more complicated.

How much does the 6-month Advanced Technical Analysis course cost?

There are different payment options to choose from, one-time or monthly payment. Consider that it is a 6-month course and the goals that you will achieve, the hundreds of hours of training, the materials, the support… and I´m sure you will find it really affordable and fair.

Those who successfully complete the course and pass the final test will receive a Professional Technical Analyst Certificate. Note that this certificate will only be submitted on paid courses.

Check what our students say about the ATA Course.


Appropiate Methodology

The trading course has been highly satifsfying becuase the contents really work when you put them into practice. The methodology is very appropriate and suits every learning style. What I really value the most is the cooperative learning way on which the course is founded. We can share experiences and learn from our mistakes with the guidance and support of Jesus. Another key element is the constant supervision and feedback that is provided by Jesus anytime you ask or more clarification is needed. To sum up I do consider very useful the course and the strategies it provides. In confluence with hard work and commitment the results can be awesome.


ATA Student 2023

Unmatchable knowledge gained

The most solid strategies I’ve ever seen. Course was fun, the teacher is a genius and also very hilarious. Would do it all over again.

Russell Sargeant

Easy and straigth forward Lessons

One of the best decision i made is to learn elliot wave analysis. It elevated my trading career into a new higher level. I become profitable by incorporating waves in my price action analysis. This was all because of the unwavering guidance of Kuya Chus. He teaches Elliot Wave in such a way that you can’t help but become better in it. The lessons are easy and straight forward. You don’t wanna miss this life changing opportunity. Thank You Kuya Chus! Thank You ATA COURSE!

Emil Amosin

ATA Student

The very best

ATA Course has been phenomenal, starting from the basics to the advanced, it was a great well planned modules, with patient and experienced instructors, developing from you from young to pro trader. If anyone wants to truly learn forex and be a confident trader, a trader with bird’s eye view, this is the Course to take. Mind-blowing indeed and the edge you have over other traders are second to none. The very best.

Babatunde Usman

ATA Student

From begginer to expert

The course is great for those who are serious about the market and ready to put in the work. Elliot is a road map of where price will arrive. The coach is great as he’s avaliable to help with any issues you may have. The course itself takes you on a journey from beginner to expert if you put in the work. Even if Elliot’s wave isn’t for you be sure that you will learn an amazing amount of information from this course. That will definitely up your trading game but hard work is a MUST there are no magical tricks. Enjoy the course and take your time to digest everything!

Tyrell Carter

ATA Student

ATA Course is the BEST!

Salamat kuya chus! Nung day 1 pa lang ng trading journey ko ikaw na ang mentor ko. Pina simplified mo ang elliot wave at MMM and now they are the foundations of my trading strategy. ATA course it the best!  Magaling kang mentor.

Marvin Villapando

ATA Student

A great course to take

There was a clear and concise breakdown of each topic, examples were given, great use of templates and tools along with having interactive sessions  while allowing the sharing of ideas.  Overall a great a class to take.

Terry Highland Best

ATA Student

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