Hello Alsen,

The ATA course is over and even though this is only a see you later, I want to thank you for your hard work. It was a great journey together these last 6 months and I can see a lot of progress, applying the contents, in the exercises submitted and in every chart that you shared.

As you deserve, here is your Certificate for the successfully completion of the ATA course. It can be verified at anytime by the QR code on it.


Don’t forget that we are still going to be in touch in our Telegram channel, whose name will be changed to Elite PFXC Trading Room. Later, new students who completed the course successfully will be also added, in order for us to create a family of ATA students scanning and sharing opportunities, as always with a great RRR.

Hopefully our trading paths will go somehow together. Nothing would make me happier.

See you around.

Chus PFXC.